Join a Committee

USF CSCMP Student Roundtable Committees are designed to help USF CSCMP Members further develop themselves professionally through Committee meetings that take place outside of our regular Roundtable meetings. Each committee has to turn in deliverable/s as a group set by the Committee Leader. Below are tentative descriptions of different committees:

1.USF CSCMP Intelligence Committee:

Responsible for identifying latest relevant big news hit and explain its Supply Chain Management implications in the Global market. Deliverable include a newsletter each month summarizing most important business news that happened during the month and explaining its business as well as Supply Chain Management Implications.

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2. USF CSCMP Procurement Committee:

Responsible for procuring items needed by the USF CSCMP Roundtable. Main responsibilities include identifying various suppliers, sending RFQ requests, establish healthy relationship with suppliers and monitor supplier performance.

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3. Career Success Committee:

Responsible for enhancing career development of committee members through identification of helpful career resources. Discuss among committee members best practices of landing to Supply Chain internships and full time job. Engage in conference calls with USF CSCMP Professionals for career advices. This committee has a focus on the needs of international students as well.

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4. Recruitment and Retention Committee:

This Committee will work with the Marketing Department Faculty as well as VP of Membership and Director of Membership to recruit new USF CSCMP members and Supply Chain Management students. Members of this committee will also be trained by Marketing Department Faculty and will be interacting with High School students that have been admitted to the USF College of Business.

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