Our Executive Board

Alex Goodwin – President

president.usfcscmp@gmail.com |linkedin

Brooke Cline – Vice President of Program

vpofprograms.usfcscmp@gmail.com | linkedin

Inna Baranova – Vice President of Membership

vpofmembership.usfcscmp@gmail.com | linkedin

 Jewel Huang – Secretary

secretary.usfcscmp@gmail.com | linkedin

Alicia Wang headshot

Alicia Wang – Treasurer

treasurer.usfcscmp@gmail.com | linkedin

 June Fing headshot

 June Fing – Sponsorship Chair

sponsorshipusfcscmp@gmail.com | linkedin

Julie Nguyen headshot

Trang (Julie) Nguyen – Sponsorship Chair

sponsorshipusfcscmp@gmail.com | linkedin

 Ryan Tower – Young Professional Chair

rtower1@mail.usf.edu | linkedin

 Thanh Dang – Public Relations Chair

pr.usfcscmp@gmail.com | linkedin

Kerry Walsh headshot
Kerry Walsh – Advisor Faculty

kmwalsh5@usf.edu  | linkedin