National CSCMP

Throughout the year, we provide students with the tools to develop professionally and be more prepared to work in the supply chain industry. We do this through:

Hosting Professional Development Events
CSCMP hosts a multitude of professional development events. These include events include: networking sessions with our sponsors, Excel workshops, and presentations on various aspects of professional development.

Benefits for Premium Members
These members have differentiated themselves by proving management competencies through skill building activities, and embody the values associated with CSCMP membership. We, in turn, provide these members with business cards and professional photographs in order to further their professional image that CSCMP promotes.

Touring Supply Chain Facilities
CSCMP takes the opportunity to take our members into the field to see supply chain facilities in person. The knowledge gained from these trips is very beneficial to future supply chain professionals.

Attending Conferences
CSCMP has the opportunity to send a select few members to national supply chain related conferences. These conferences allow for members to network with industry professionals and to get a chance to experience a professional conferences for the first time.

Purpose of a CSCMP Student Roundtable

The purpose of a CSCMP student roundtable is to offer educational programs which raise the quality of logistics practice and help people develop both personally and professionally.


As a professional not-for-profit organization, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals holds these values:

  • We operate with the highest standards of integrity.
  • We are dedicated to professional development.
  • We are an inclusive organization.
  • We champion thought leadership and innovation.
  • We offer knowledge and expertise of the highest quality.